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Don Jazzy Tweets!!!

WHERE ARE ALL THOSE PEOPLE crazy about STAR......get ready cos Don Jazzy wants to hang out wit you......


Manchester United's £70k-a-week goalkeeper David de Gea 'caught shoplifting £1.19 Krispy Kreme doughnut from Tesco

       Goalkeeper David de Gea might earn £70k-a-week at Manchester United, but the 20-year-old star allegedly pinched a £1.19 doughnut from Tesco.
         The Spaniard is alleged to have picked up the Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut and eaten it in the magazine aisle before walking towards the exit without paying, or buying anything else from the store.
           It is claimed he was caught on CCTV stealing the snack from Tesco Extra in Altrincham, Greater Manchester..De Gea, who was with two Spanish friends, was apparently stopped by security staff and taken into their ‘stop and search’ room for questioning, according to a tabloid.

                        The security guards who monitor the CCTV watched two of them take a doughnut each out of the Krispy Kreme cabinet.
Incredibly, they then appeared to try to leave without paying – or buying anything else for that matter.’
             The source added that the goalkeeper looked ‘embarrassed’ when he was taken away by security staff.

Sperm Donor Who is dad to 70 kids and More

A lawyer who donated sperm to pay his way through college has learned that he has fathered an astonishing 70 children.
More than 15 of those have already attempted to contact 33-year-old Ben Seisler.
The donor confessed to his fiancée as part of a new reality show, Sperm Donor, that aired on the Style Network on Tuesday.
Seisler donated sperm for three years while attending law school at George Mason, Virginia. He earned around $150 per donation.
He originally planned to remain anonymous but later joined an online registry called the Donor Sibling Registry that connects offspring and siblings to each other and their donors.

On hearing the news his fiancée said she was 'having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that you have 50,60 or 70 biological offspring.'

She said: 'I guess I didn't realise how many there were.
'I kind of deem that as selfish in a way. Did you think of the consequences that would come of it?'

Watch the video clip below.

Lesbian Parents gives son injection to change his sex into a Girl

Too early for this guy to “choose” what gender he will be??
The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young. Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy.

But Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel warn that children with gender identity disorder forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide. The mothers say that one of the first things Thomas told them when he learned sign language aged three – because of a speech impediment – was, ‘I am a girl’.

Spotted: Michelle Obama Pictured Shopping Alone Like the Girl Next Door In Simple Casual Cloths

Despite her Presidential status good ol’ Chelly-O isn’t too good to push a shopping cart

Once again, Michelle Obama is proving herself to be a first lady like none other.
Mrs. Obama was photographed — incognito — shopping at Target on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday.
The first lady — dressed casually in a floral-print button-down shirt and wearing a Nike baseball cap and sunglasses — shopped for about 30-to- 40 minutes and was only recognized by one person — the cashier!

Prior to her visit, Secret Service agents dressed in casual clothes scoped out the store for 30 minutes to make sure there were no security issues.
AP photographer Charles Dharapak told CBS News he took the pictures, and while the White House confirmed it was in fact Mrs. Obama, it’s not known if her office tipped him off.
“It is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates,” said Kristina Schake,
communications director for the First Lady.

In the 2008 presidential campaign, Mrs. Obama proudly proclaimed herself “more of a Target shopper,” as opposed to Wal-Mart, and during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she talked about how she missed shopping at Target since becoming first lady

Martyn Confirms Gay Sex With Super Star Musician Chris Brown.

“Too many men in audience.. must stop.. pelvic thrusting…”

Yesterday, allegedly leaked DM between Chris Brown and R&B singer Martyn revealed the two allegedly had some kind of butt sex with Chris Brown being on the receiving end as almost everyone suspected.

While the authenticity of the screencaps have been questioned, Martyn has now confirmed the DMs, along with the gay sex, but also says comments were added via Photoshop. At any rate, he’s reveling in the attention on  his Twitter  along with basically telling Chris Brown (And Trey Songz, who he also allegedly banged.) to own up to it now because he’s going to keep talking.

Here are some sample tweets from the 800 he sent last night:
- @GoodBoyGoneBadd the DMs were truly sent back and forth. But that’s my business. Thanks for tuning in.
- @IzzyZolanskii @chrisbrown @treysongz I’ll confirm it. It’s all over the web. And twitter.
- @FireBombFenty @chrisbrown they are real just that someone decided to add a lil extra comment through Photoshop..why? Guess 2 b juicier
- @_KirstenBlease ofcourse Chris wouldn’t fck me…read next time…I FCKD him and the DMs are out…haven’t u read?

Holly Madison Insures Her Breast For $1million

Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1m...The ex-girlfriend of Playboy chief Hugh Hefner has taken out the insurance policy for her most famous assets with Lloyds of London.
Madison appears topless during parts of the show and accepted her breasts were by far her biggest selling point to fans.

'I think it's kind of funny. I think they're getting the credit they deserve,' she told People magazine.

The model is the latest celebrity to take out an insurance policy of their most valuable body parts.....
Model Heidi Klum is said to have insured her legs for $1m and Jennifer Lopez was reported to have insured her bottom for $27m.......

Been thinking, what am going to insure cos i can see this another money making avenue......

President Of Equitorial Guniea's House Raided And Super Cars Seized

Eleven supercars worth up to £5 million pounds have been seized from outside an African dictator’s Paris mansion as part of a foreign aid money-laundering investigation

The vehicles, which included two Bugatti Veyrons, a Ferrari 599 GTO and a Maserati MC12 are all registered to Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the president of Equatorial Guinea.....He is one of numerous African heads of state who regularly receive vast handouts in foreign aid – including British cash via European funding.Continue to see more pictures

You can also watch the video below

Picture Of Olu Jacob and Joke Silva Renewing Their Marriage Vows

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva recently renewewd their marriage vows  at Freedom Park Lagosto commomerate their 25 years as couple....

I wish them many wonderful, loving and cokeastic years ahead....  

Louis Vuitton Sets To Launch Condom Line Which Will Sell For $68 (N10,000) For a Pack Of 5

I can imagine naija girls going,
"He even f*cks me with designer condoms" OR
"If your not getting an LV condom, then your not getting it tonight"

On the plus side, which ever way ladies react to this, either by insisting on LV condoms or by bragging about LV condoms, all in all it means they are using condoms and that's a good thing right?

The question is,
Will You Pay For This If Your Woman Insists On The Designer CondomS?
N to the ladies, would it make any difference if your man uses designer condoms???

Video : 55 Year Old HIV Positive Woman Had Sex With A 12 Year Old Boy

Some people seriously deserve to be given rat poison....what on earth is wrong with this 55 year old ugly duckling....can u imagine she lured a 12 year old boy to have sex with her, knowing fully well she is HIV Positive...this is wickedness....Well her name is Debra Flowers Haggerty and she lives in Houston Texas...pls whats the ideal punishment for her???????


These days, many Nigerian celebrities know and feel the urgent inevitable need to draw and stay closer to God as there have been many mishaps in recent times, from Dagrin and mc Loph to frank edoho and one of Nigeria’s multi award winning veteran television presenters; Deji who currently has reasons to thank God again as he has barely escaped a deadly assault on his life by the skin of his teeth from what we gathered to be a crazy ex-girlfriend, a plan that will make Satan applaud with a standing ovation and throw an award ceremony with one nominee and one winner. Some say he must have prayerful friends and family and here is why.
In the past one year, Deji has survived 2 near fatal bike accidents where he lost 2 of his 4 high speed power bikes and came out relatively unharmed after a few days in hospital and was again almost robbed on his way from shows at victoria island more than once by armed gun men during 2010 Christmas season along apongbon under bridge. This time, Deji has escaped being trapped in what could have been a fatal relationship for him with a certain half Philippine half Benin lady, Divine Logico.
According to our sources, after meeting Deji two years ago at a show and being casual friends, Divine Logico of Dudutunez animation and management company for terry the rap man and ijeoma approached Deji back stage while he was on tour asking for his help with her family’s financial and medical problems, she hounded Deji’s assistant, Victor for months before receiving audience and opened up to Deji about her mother being in hospital from diabetes and high blood pressure.
Deji beaten to a pulp by policemen
She pleaded with Deji to use his family’s medical connections to help her mother. Deji, being a kind hearted philanthropist volunteering in various charities like HOPE worldwide caring for hiv infected people and orphaned children is always eager to help young people so he obliged this while he was back stage and started making calls to various top Nigerian hospitals in Nigeria where his father, a renowned medical doctor and former secretary general of the Nigerian medical association was well respected.
Divine and Deji became close in the following months during which he was allegedly very close with the popular singer may7ven, daughter to popular footballer Segun Odegbami. Sources say Divine became jealous of Deji’s relationship with may7ven and offered to be a part of the birthday party Deji was throwing for may7ven so she can be close to and keep an eye on Deji.
About 5 months after may7ven returned to the UK, Divine became quite close to Deji fast and often played the good wife by cooking for him and his friends in his Ikeja house and going out on various dates with him to the movies, weddings and even bowling. The following months found the couple discussing about seriously moving in together and Divine got a few of her friends including former colleague from Hip on TV, Mr Femi to show herself and Deji some new houses in Ikeja area where she would like them to move into.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

PICTURE Of The Night...


Behold, hotel for the dead!

 From the picture above, you can see the hoteliers  preparing a ‘room’ for a lodger. The popular belief is that ‘enjoyment is finished after one is dead. This belief seems to be antiquated, going by the ingenuity of a businessman in Japan who believes that the dead should pass on to heaven from a luxurious hotel ! Convinced that the dead deserve every need to be comfortable, Mr Hisayoshi Teramura; in Yokohama suburb, has established a hotel, Lastel, purposely to offer hospitality treatment to the dead.

Hey hey, what will someone not hear in this world, na wa ooo i tire.. pls continue reading for the full article.

Independence: FG declares Oct 3 public holiday

The Federal Government has announced Monday, October 3, as public holiday to mark Nigeria’s 51st independence anniversary, a statement from the Ministry of Interior said Monday.

The statement signed by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Alhaji S.B Ozigis, on behalf of the Minister, also wished all Nigerians a blissful independence anniversary celebration.

It quoted President. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as urging all Nigerians to continue to fervently pray for enduring peace and progress in the country

South Africa Replace Libya As 2013 Nations Cup Hosts

South Africa will host the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in place of Libya, the Confederation of African Football (Caf) has announced.

According to the BBC, Libya gave up the right to host the event because of the continuing upheaval in the country.

They will instead organise the 2017 tournament, which had been due to take place in South Africa.
The swap is confirmation of a deal between the two countries which was revealed some weeks ago.
At the time Caf said that the announcement was premature, with Nigeria and Algeria also expressing an interest in stepping in.

Nigeria had been named as standby hosts when Caf made their original announcements about the venues for the tournaments from 2010 – 2014.

But the decision to go with South Africa was ratified at Caf’s Executive Committee meeting which is taking place in Cairo.
South Africa will also replace Libya as hosts of the 2014 African Nations Championship, the tournament for locally-based players.
Earlier this year they organised the African U20 championship, which was also given-up by Libya.
Caf also announced the hosts of a number of other major events.
Namibia will organise the 2014 Africa Women’s Championship and Niger will take on the 2015 U17 tournament.
Senegal will host the 2015 U20 finals while Madagascar will stage the U17 championship in 2017.

PM News

Messi, Adidas Develop Soccer Boot With Brain

Messi taking a look at the ‘brain boot’ . PHOTOS: Daily Mail.Lionel Messi is the face behind football’s latest revolutionary masterpiece: the boot with a brain.

Sportsmail can reveal that the Barcelona superstar has spent months developing the world’s first intelligent football boot with manufacturers adidas, which could now take the game by storm.
The boots record player-specific data with an innovative miCoach Speed Cell chip placed in the cavity of the outsole, which captures 360 degree movements and measures key performance metrics such as speed and distance.

Date And Venue For Nigerian Idols Season 2 Auditions

The dates and venues for season 2 of Nigerian Idols as been released with Abuja, Port harcourt, Enugu and Lagos playing host to this year’s edition.
Just as it happened on the previous season following the Idol format, a panel of three judges, made up of Yinka Davis, Charly Boy and Jeffery Daniels, will be faced with the daunting prospect of choosing 50 talented singers to face the viewing public who will decide, in a series of live shows, who most deserves the chance of stardom. These 50 hopefuls will be set tasks to prove that they have got the musical talent to make it in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most competitive music industries. The Winner will be chosen after a live show in which the final two contestants sing to the nation in the hope of clinching the prize that will change their lives forever.

Application forms can be filled at for talented singers across Nigeria, aged between 16 and 28 to audition and for a chance to live your dream.

Here are the audition dates and cities for Nigerian Idol Season 2:
ABUJA: Chelsea Hotel October 7th and 8th
PORT HARCOURT: Residential Hotel October 14th and 15th
ENUGU: Universal Hotel October 28th and 29th
LAGOS: Dream Studio (Bamako Street, Across Omole Phase 1) November 4th, 5th, 6th

Light Rail Trains Leave Canada For Lagos

The first of hundreds of Toronto subway cars that will furnish a new surface rail line in Lagos, Nigeria, has left Canada for the last time, and is now en route to Africa's largest city.

A Nigerian company, Eko Rail, has agreed to purchase 255 of the Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) best-equipped subway cars for use in a much-needed Lagos Blue Line mass transit system. The TTC is in the process of purchasing larger "Rocket" trains to increase passenger capacity on their lines.

Actress Adaorah Ukoh Paid £2m To Shave Her Hair For New Movie Role

Actress Adaorah Ukoh, stars alongside Sam Dede, Kenneth Okonkwo, Mike Ezuruonye and others in new movie titled "Thy Kingdom Come", a movie which is based on an  igbo royal family. 
To effectively play her role very well, its was alledged that she was paid 2million to shave her hair so she could fit in the role perfectly 

In her words,
"This movie is a wonderful story and dear to my heart so I was willing to go the extra mile for interpretation. In the course of making this movie, I learnt tradition that I never knew"

INEC Admits Altering The Election Results In Favour Of GEJ

According to PM News, the witness called by the Independent National Election Commission, INEC, during proceedings before the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, on Tuesday admitted that there were 23 alterations in the result sheet he submitted to the electoral body after the polls last April.

The Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, is challenging President Goodlcuk Jonathan’s victory in the 16 April presidential election, which CPC said was rigged in his favour. During yesterday’s proceedings, the witness, who was the collation officer for INEC in Imo state during the presidential election, Professor Enoch Akobundu, a Deputy Vice Chancellor at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia state, Southeast Nigeria, admitted before the tribunal that there were some alterations in the result sheet he submitted to the commission after the election.

New Christian Extremist Group Akhwat Akwop Threatens Boko Haram

The new Christian terror group in the North, Akhwat Akwop, which was apparently formed to checkmate the activities of the extremist Muslim Boko Haram sect has asked nationals of five Islamic countries suspected to be funding the Boko Haram to leave the country.

Akhwat Akwop alleged that the Islamic republics of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Sudan had been funding the terrorist activities of Boko Haram, warning that its members would attack the nationals of the five countries and their interests.

The group made its position known in a statement issued, yesterday, and made available to various media houses in Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna.

FG approves N30bn for new national identity scheme

The Federal Executive Council on Wednesday approved N30bn for a new national identity scheme for the country.

The amount would take care of the first phase of the scheme, known as the Integrated National Identity Management System, which is expected to gulp N30.066bn.

Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, who disclosed this at the post-FEC weekly meeting in Abuja, said the decision to embark on the fresh national registration was borne out of government’s desire to have a unified database of Nigerians who were 18 years and above.

Hmmmmm heyyyyyyyy

Dont Commit Suicide! Commissioner Tells Police Officers

The Commissioner of Police, Kebbi State Command, Alhaji Latif Abiodun Junaid, has charged the officers and ranks serving in the state not to commit suicide or be allowed to be killed while on active service but should pray for successful retirement so as to be alive to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

He gave this charge while addressing police formations in Bunza, Dakingari, Birnin Kebbi, Area command and 36 Mobile Barracks, saying “you must ensure your personal safety first so that you can provide an effective performance of protecting others.”

Mr Junaid advised the policemen to always be cautious. Though Kebbi State was relatively peaceful, he said, issues of security must not be taken with laxity saying, they must be at alert at all time to prevent any unpredictable situation as security cautiousness always prevented crime occurrence.

According to him, it had been a standing order that no police station must be allowed to be bombed or burnt, adding that any station that such happened, both the state commissioner and policemen on duty would be arrested and prosecuted, warning each policeman to remain at security alert of his environment

MEND threatens to bomb Eagle Square October 1

THE Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has threatened to bomb Eagle Square, Abuja, on Independence Day.

In an e-mail statement by its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo, on Wednesday, MEND warned members of the public to stay away from Eagles Square and its surroundings.

The militant group explained in the statement that Nigerians had nothing to celebrate 51 years after independence.

It noted that the statement served as a first and final warning to the members of the public, maintaining that no additional warning would be issued.

“On October 1, 2011, The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta intends to place bombs within and in the immediate vicinity of Eagle square, venue of the proposed 2011 independence anniversary celebrations.

Militants Threatens Another Independence Day Bombing

Militants from Nigeria's oil producing delta on Wednesday threatened to bomb areas in the capital Abuja, scene of last year's Independence Day attacks which killed 12 people.

Abuja's Eagle Square which MEND threatened to target usually hosts the main celebrations of Independence Day which comes up on Saturday.

"The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) intends to place bombs within and in the immediate vicinity of Eagle Square, venue of the proposed 2011 independence anniversary celebrations," the group said in a statement.

MEND which claimed responsibility for last year's twin bombings near the same venue, issued the threat in a statement emailed to journalists.

It warned members of the public to take the warning seriously, adding that the attack "will be novel in nature".

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

3 young Girls Kidnapped In Catholic Chirch

 Palpable confusion and apprehension reigned in Saint Mulumba’s Catholic Parish, Owerri, following the kidnapping of three girls that attended the 7am mass in the church on sunday.

The abducted children are; six-month old Munachi Ikwuazu, her two-and-a- half year old elder sister, Ugonma Ikwuazu, as well as two-and-a- half year old Uchechi Ukwuoma.

Concerted efforts made by Vanguard to talk with the parents of the three children proved abortive as they were completely short of words on what to say about the incident.

While the father of Munachi and Ugonma, Mr. Remigius Ikwuazu only managed to say that they are from Umuhu, Enyiogugu, Aboh Mbaise local government area of Imo State,Uchechi’s father, Mr. Nnaemeka Ukwuoma said he is from Umuoma, Nekede, Owerri West local council area of the state.

Gaddafi ‘Mercenaries’ Arrive Kaduna

Over 100 people, suspected to be mercenaries that fought for the sacked Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi, have arrived Kaduna through the Nigeria - Niger Republic border at the weekend.

They were said to have been conveyed in two luxury bus owned by transport companies located in the South-eastern Nigeria.

There were no any official comments from the Kaduna Zonal Comptroller of Immigration, Suleiman Umar, as he kept reporters waiting for hours without attending to them.

However, a source in his office explained that the command had to obtain clearance from Abuja and liaise with other relevant security agencies, like the State Security Service (SSS), Police and Army before speaking to the press.

Bride With The Longest Veil; It's 3km-long

The brides veil is as long as Manchester United's Old Trafford pitch multiplied 30 times . It is 3km (1.86 mile) long, made from 6,000 metres of silk chord and it took dozens of seamstresses several months to complete it.

Designer, Gianni Molaro made the dress for Italian bride, Elena De Angelis in the village of Casal di Princice and it took hundreds of schoolgirls and women to carry the veil from the bride's home, through the streets and to the church.

Elena has broken the world record for the longest wedding dress...

Source: LindaIkeji

Steph Nora Okere settles with Psquare Over Music Theft

Incase if u missed the earlier report on them last month, click here.... The actress accused the Okoye brothers of stealing material from one of the tracks in her yet-to-be released debut album.

According to their managers, they've resolved the issue.

Steph-Nora's manager, Ope Banwo said "There is no case again. The matter has been resolved. They've settled and I believe it's over. They are friends".

While P-Square's PR spokesmouth, Bayo Adefu said "P-Square never had any problem with Steph Nora in the first place because they were surprised to read all she said in the media. Listen to both songs and you will realize there's no similarity"..

Anyways if you listen to the tone used by each spokes will find out that one needs to sharpen sharpen his

So They Danced Home With N5m And SUV

The event waas held at the Expo centre of Eko Hotel and Suites as the Ekubo family danced home with N5m and a brand new SUV...The Dare and Utogo families came second and third respectively with a cash prize of N1 million and N500, 000. ....kudos the dancing talent is a waste jare..

Bill Gates Visits Nigeria.

So Bill Gates, visited Kebbi State yesterday, where he signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state Governor for the polio eradication agreement which was attended by the Chairman of Kebbi state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Mansur Shehu; the state Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Aliyu; commissioners, traditional rulers; including the Emirs of Gwandu and Argungu; Alhaji Iliyasu Bashar; and Alhaji Samaila Mera, respectively......

Hmmm no pomp and peagantry...if na our own ..... the whole soilders 4 don follow am.

Why Am Yet To Get Married- Olisa Adibua

The TV and radio personality in an interview with Yes! Magazine

"My problem is that I've been married to my work for a long time. So, I've gotten used to a certain routine. My day starts at 5am, it ends around 10, 11 pm. So, if I had married, whoever she is, even if it was Mother Theresa, she would have left me by now.
         I will marry eventually. But I just have to find out a way to structure it and make sure that I have  a personal and private life as well"

Hmmmm *coughs* he dosent in any way sound serious to me...ladies stop waiting oooo better move on.

Man Docked For Raping 8 Years Old Girl

An 18-year-old man, Ifeanyi Ukaegbu, was on Wednesday docked at an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court in Lagos for allegedly defiling an eight year-old girl.

Ukaegbu is standing trial on a two-count charge of conspiracy and rape.

The prosecutor, Sgt. Stephen Molo, said that the accused and another still at large committed the alleged offence on Aug. 22 at Third Ave., D Close, House 7, Festac Town, Lagos.
He said that the accused allegedly had an unlawful sexual intercourse with the minor.

I don like hearing this type of thing, i feel like giving this dude 300 lashes of cane on his buttocks...what sort of wickedness is read the full story click here

Niger Delta Militants Gives Boko Haram Serious Warning..

Following the attacks by Boko Haram against Government Agencies and Christians in the North, a Militant group from the Niger Delta region has asked the islamist sect to cease attack on Christians or be prepared for war.
The group christened Egbesu Mightier Fraternity of Izon Land in a press statement made available to warn that the life and properties of Northerners living in the South will not be spared if Boko Haram continue bombing of churches and killing innocent Nigerians.

“NOTE WELL, if further killings by Boko Haram as a result of Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidency in the country within fourteen days of this statement, we shall without hesitation commence sending every Muslim in the Niger Delta Region to their various homes and ask our people to return home. No section of this country is an embodiment of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta) while they will be killing our people in their land. If they don’t want peace we will meet them were ever they are. This is our message.” They said.

The Group wondering why no muslim political leaders from the North has openly condemned the activities of Boko Haram warned that no northern leaders will be spared in the war against Boko Haram.

First Bottle House In Nigeria

The first bottle house is under construction near Kaduna. Bottle-bricks made by local children are then assembled in to buildings by masons who are being trained in the bottle-build technique. The houses will be energy autonomous and almost totally recycled and could stand for 1000s of years!
The Emir of Zaria came to the site to lend his support. The next project is a bottle school in Suleja. Thanks to Katrin Macmillan for the pictures

school in Suleja. Thanks to Katrin Macmillan for the pictures!


Third Annual Achebe Colloquium on Africa!

The third annual Achebe Colloquium on Africa will be held at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA from 3-4 December, 2011.

The themes of the conference will include: The Arab Spring: Challenges to Democratization and Nation Building; Darfur: Toward sustainable peace; and Southern Sudan: Obstacles facing the world’s newest nation. On Day two the conference continues with a focus on China and its presence in Africa, Zimbabwe and its tethering democracy and Literature and the power of the written word.

The Achebe Colloquium will bring together officials from African governments, the United Nations, US government, the European Union, members of African civil society, international human rights organizations, elections monitoring groups, writers and opinion leaders, and research and policy institutions to deliberate on the importance of sustaining Africa’s fragile democracies.

I trust that some of my esteemed readers will be interested in this....

We Will Continue Killing Nigerians Until ......-Boko Haram

So this Boko Haram people want make innocent Nigerians run commot for them....come to think of it, its not ordinary citizens that killed their leader so why kill waa ooo this thing don tire me.

Gospel Singer Obiwon Weds...

RnB/ Gospel singer Obiwon celebrated his traditional wedding  last weekend at Igbo-Ukwu, Anambra State. He got married to pretty Nkechi Ezeife. The White Wedding comes up very soon.

The Game, Brandy, Others to Storm MTN Project Fame Opening Gala Show This Sunday

PRESS RELEASE:Grammy Award winning R&B Singer, Brandy and wave making American Hip-Hip phenomenon, Game are set to perform at the MTN Project Fame West Africa season 4 opening Gala show which holds this Sunday, October 2, 2011 at the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.The two American artistes will storm the city later this week, to be part of the ground-breaking gala show and international concert which will also feature multiple-award winning Nigerian artiste, D’banj, past Project Fame Winners, Iyanya, Mike, Chidinma, Praiz and other A-list Nigerian artistes, to mark the commencement of the West African leading reality TV show.

The presence of Brandy and The Game at the opening show will bring a breath-taking experience to music lovers as West Africa looks forward to a new season of exhilarating
musical experience in the MTN Project Fame Academy.

The Game is known for his street bangers, deeply interpersonal reflection albums and radio friendly Pop pleasers, selling multi‐platinum albums and moving over 10 million albums and platinum selling chart topping singles. Brandy on her own part is ranked as one of the best-selling female artists in American music history, having sold over 8.5 million copies of her five studio albums in the United States and over 30 million records worldwide, winning over 100 awards as a recording artist.

The 32 year old Mississippi born talent said in a voice drop over the weekend that she is looking forward to being in Nigeria. “I will be performing at the MTN Project Fame Opening Gala. It’s going to be fire, as it is my first time in Nigeria. I will see everybody there”, she promised.

The leading telecom company in Africa is leaving no stone unturned in making this season’s show a worthwhile experience for Nigerian music lovers, as the event will see the lucky 18 contestants from across West Africa compete for the 15 slots available in the Academy for 10weeks.

Olu Maintain's New Single NAWTI (Naturally African Women Totally Inspiring)

Miracle Woman Gives Birth To Baby No 8

The life-affirming tale of Precious Donatus Ogbonna and her controversial babies is yet to be over as she has delivered another baby, the same way she delivered seven others bringing the number to eight in a space of 16 months, and about two months after she was released on bail from the prison custody
The so-called birth took place at 12:15 am Thursday, at Rose Natural Clinic, Afam Street, Heritage junction, beside Paradise International School, Afam, Oyigbo, Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

Naomi Campbell's Billionaire Boyfriend Gifts Her Spectacular 25 bedroom Home

Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, gave the supermodel a 25 bedroom house shaped like the Eye of Horus on the Isle of Cleopatra in Turkey for dash gift....

According to reports, the commissioned architect was given an unlimited budget to create one of the most unique celebrity green homes ever built. Green features include: photovoltaic panels, geothermal heating, and a rainwater harvesting system. Combined with a state-of-the-art geothermal system that provides all of the energy this 25 bedroom home (complete with five lounges) could possibly need.

Inside the house is a landscaped terrace, from which it is possible to take in the incredible views.

More pictures of the house when you continue...



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