Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dencia & Liz Gavy's Physical Fight At The HEADIES - New Update As Liz Replies

The Beri Beri Singer Reprudencia and socialite/ business woman, Liz Gavy fought dirty at the Headies last weekend. Dencia is one who is sometimes described as an attention seeking upcoming artist, while Liz on the other hand is most times described as a 'High Class Lagos man hunter' (whatever that means).
Apparently, Liz got liposuction last year in California, and during that period, Dencia who was US based homed her and a friend but before leaving the duo chose to steal her passport, money, clothes & other properties. Things flared up recently when Dencia recognized a friend of Liz, Blossom Nyepon in a picture rocking her top, she went to Twitter, to call out Blossom, who got irritated and gave Liz a piece of her mind. She tweeted ...

Well Liz being a typical naija babe seems more into physical fights than twitter fight, it's alleged that she attacked Dencia back stage of the Headies, and things got really messy. Its been a few days since the incident, and Liz has given us her side of the story as published by Nigeriafilms.
Click READ MORE Below  to read it but mind u gist plenty. ...

Celebs Scary Pictures.

steven tyler

Continue to see more below.

Tyra Banks Goes Public with Boyfriend

Compared to most other celebrities, supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks has always kept her private life private. But she recently welcomed the world into her bedroom (so to speak) when her Wall Street boyfriend, John Utendahl, escorted Tyra down the red carpet at Metropolitan Opera House's opening night gala in NYC.

Utendahl is the man behind New York's successful investment banking organization Utendahl Group. The two met and reportedly started dating when Tyra recently shifted the production of her shows, America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show, from Los Angeles to New York. The couple has been spotted vacationing in Hawaii and Mexico together.

Even though Tyra has stated in the past, "I want to get married and have kids but the more successful I get, the less interested guys are," she has clearly found a man who isn't intimidated by her success. Total keeper!

Hottie Of The Day.

Am having a crush on this dude...i dream about him daily and seriously i think am crushing on him...His name is Ugo, unfortunately i dont know his surname.....but really this dude is haute...

Singer Keri Hilson Blasts Nigerian Musician

That was what Singer Keri Hilson Tweeted Yesterday...I honestly wonder who this naija musician is because me i never hear the music ooooo....but honestly what does he mean by make you lick yaaa speakers, what sorta speakers is he actuallt talking about...Hmmmm Naija musicians and lyrics i really tire for them.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Akon And Wizkid: - Leaked Version Of Dont Dull

This is just a leaked version, as the finished work is yet to be released. Nonetheless, there are assumptions that this is just a DJ mix, and not the real thing.

The Video Is Finally Here: PLAYBOY - PLAYBUOY ft BRYMO

The Video Is Finally Here: PLAYBOY - PLAYBUOY ft BRYMO, enjoy and share your thoughts



Man Arraigned For Allegedly Seeking Volunteer To Bomb 3d Mainland Bridge

A man, Fafana Sekon, was on Friday arraigned before an Abuja Chief Magistrates’ Court, for allegedly seeking a volunteer to bomb the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, for the Boko-Haram sect.

Police Prosecutor Danjuma Etobi told the court that the suspect was arrested on 5 September, 2011 by the operatives of Lagos CID Annex, attached to Area ‘G’, Ogba Police Station, Lagos.

He said the patrol team found a text message sent by the accused to his friends through his blackberry chat, informing them of the plot.

This is the message found on the phone: “Boko Haram has offered to pay $5 million to anybody that would volunteer to bomb down the Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.’’

Etobi said the accused was charged with belonging to an unlawful society which contravened section 97B of the Penal Code Law.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge but Chief Magistrate Okeagu Azubuike ordered he be remanded in prison custody.

The case was adjourned till 1 December for hearing.

Source:  Pmnews.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Can't Get Enough Of Each Other In Public!

Public display of affection: Selene Gomez and her boyfriend Justin Bieber enjoyed random doses Of kisses and cuddling at a hockey game in Canada over the weekend.

Onyeka Onwenu Loses Mom!

One of Nigeria's most celebrated singers and beautiful stallion is not  happy because she just lost her mother, madam Onwenu.

Madam Onwenu slept in the Lord in the early hours of Saturday october, 22 2011 in her sleep. She was aged 92. ...may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

NTA Cameraman Was A Spy----Says Boko Haram

A purported spokesman for Nigeria's militant Islamist sect, the Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for the weekend murder of a state television journalist, the AFP has reported. The attack weekend was the first targeting the media.

Nigeria Television Authority cameraman and reporter Zakariyya Isa was shot dead Saturday evening in front of his house shortly after leaving a mosque in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, where the sect known as Boko Haram has carried out most of its attacks.

"Zakariyya was not killed in error," said the emailed statement from Abul Qaqa, who has claimed to speak on behalf of the sect a number of times in the past.

"We killed him because he was spying on us for Nigerian security authorities. The killing was carefully planned and executed.

Nigerian Jailed For Life In Britain For Attempted Murder

A Nigerian in the UK, that goes by the name John Onyenaychi, has been jailed for life while on licence from prison for attempted murder on two police officers .
Onyenaychi, described as one of Britain's most dangerous men, slashed PC Paul Madden's throat with a Stanley knife in front of terrified commuters near a bus stop.

Photo Of The NIGHT......LOL

Mr Ibu...Always Mr Ibu....will never change.

What Do You Think Of This Girls Figure??????

Goohhhhh some people are really endowed........i wish

Picture Of The Day.

This one no be small toasting...its good to be pretty, cos every tom dick and harry will admire u ooo...ok make i go join the trend.

German Big Brother star dies after sixth breast enlargement operation.

A German porn star has died following complications during her sixth breast enlargement. Cora, real name Carolin Berger, had been in a coma for nine days following the operation when she died yesterday.

The 23-year-old had gone under the knife to boost her bust from a 34F to a 34G. The clinic in Germany where she had the enhancement is now being investigated. Her family were called to the hospital where they were told that Cora had been without oxygen during the op for 15 minutes and was in 'serious condition'.

The heavily tattooed adult actress had come to the nation's attention as a contestant in the German Big Brother house last year.

Picture Of Sam Loco Efe Lieing In His Casket.

The late veteran actor, Mr. Samuel Arase Efeimwonkiekie, popularly called Sam Loco Efe was laid to rest yesterday, October 21, in Benin City, Edo State after a funeral service at the Baptist Convention Ground, NTA Road, Benin City at 2. 00pm.Born December 25, 1939 into the family of Arase at Ogboka, in Benin Kingdom.Sam loco passed away on August 07,2011 in owerri,imo state.

He is survived by six children including Mrs. Sandra Ebun Leonardo, Bola Adesuwa Efe,Bismarck Nosa Efe, Julia Orobosa Omozusi,Precious Osariemen Efe and Omoruyi Efe.......
May his gentle soul rest in peace!!!!

Photo: 70-year-old Woman has given birth to snakes

Bizarre reports from the Volta Region say a 70-year-old lady has given birth to snakes at a fetish shrine in Kpando. The lady is reported to have first given birth to a green-skinned snake which measured seven feet, and another one which had two heads. Ten days later, she reportedly gave birth to two more snakes, with one dead.

Faze New Look!!!

Musician Faze was spottted at a function looking so different and new....what do you make of his new look...below is how he used to look.

Ghadaffi's Will Incase You Haven't Read It.

Below is the will Gaddafi wrote before he was captured and killed by Libya rebels.Read on:

"This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God's Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim.

Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives.

How I would have handled Boko Haram, by Obasanjo

Nigeria’s former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, on Tuesday said if the Boko Haram insurgence had erupted during his term in office, he would have ended the serial killings by adopting what he described as “carrot and stick” approach as he did with the Niger Delta militants.....Hmmm carrot and stick..anyways continue reading to find out what he meant by that...

Silverbird's Ben Bruce To Run For Governor Of Bayelsa State

Ben Bruce Has indicated his intentions to be the next govenor of Bayelsa State  and has even picked his form...his contesting under the unmbrella of PDP.....I've listened to his Jingle on silverbird television....anyways no comment until then.....

Baba Suwe Is Using High Level Black Magic On Us" - NDLEA Officials

CONTROVERSY continues to trail the arrest of popular home video actor cum comedian, Babatunde Nurudeen Omidina, popularly called Baba Suwe.

Though, the anti-drug scanning machine at the airport which screened Baba Suwe detected some drugs hidden in his stomach leading to his arrest and eventual detention by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)....

The popular comedian has excreted three times but no traces of hard drugs were found in his excreta on the three occasions. This led to outcries from members of the public especially Baba Suwe’s colleagues in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood calling for the release of the comedian. His lawyers have even slammed a N100 million suit on the anti-drug agency.

However, the controversy deepens last Friday when a Lagos High Court gave the NDLEA authority to hold on to the comedian for 15 more days. This was sequel to the new discovery by a CT scan conducted on the actor which revealed that indeed there are drugs logged his body....


"Having kids with different women definitely affected me. But all in all, people will talk, others will criticize, while some will rejoice at their fellow man's misfortune because that's how human beings are. But I was really affected. Would I have been bigger is if it hadn't happened? That I don't know. Maybe all thos...e things happened to prevent me from doing something worse. Polygamy was never part of my plan. Everybody has their plans and mine was never to be polygamous. But I would have done the same thing again, which is to accept the children. I love my children".-2Face Idibia

Source:(Encomium magazine)

Pictures From First Lady Patience Jonathan Surprise BIrthday.

Mrs. Patience Jonathan, Nigeria's first lady was given a 'surprise' birthday party in Perth, Australia today Oct 26th, by her husband and her handlers. The Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam conducted the birthday ceremony.

Photocredits: Pmnews

Funny Conversation Between Abacha And Ghadaffi Surfaces Online.

ABACHA - how nah?

GHADAFI - Oboy, I dey ooo

ABACHA - U come late ooo

GHADAFI - Aboki, I tried to gather more cash

ABACHA - U fuck up


ABACHA - U don collect so much, even ...pass my own, u for take off when the yawa gass.

GHADAFI - I no know nah. U know say power and money dey sweet. I thought I had it all to quench any opposition.

ABACHA - When those Obama people don join? I dey craze. Anyway, welcome, we go try next time. We don learn. U go go naija while I go libya since u r not that skillful. U know see say my people no talk until that babe carry her winch come...

GHADAFI - Pls u go teach me well.

ABACHA - But u no try well, I stole about $150B in 5 yrs and u stole $200B in 42 yrs. U be mumu. If na me, I for buy one country join naija!.....

Hahahaha real comics..anyways where are they now??????????????????????

"I Hate The Kitchen and I Am Very Wealthy" - Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dike is the girl you want to cuddle and hate. On the one hand, she has this likeable personality that could make you want to pass the night in her house and pet her to sleep. On the other hand are those movie roles that make mothers snatch the television remote control from their kids.

Is Tonto all we see on TV, and what is her pact with cigarettes, weeds and ‘back-for-ground-money-for-hand’ moves? She bares it all on a cozy night in the comfort of her living room, alone with Sunday Sun......continue reading.

Muna Obiekwe allegedly has a baby with a twin of the Gholden Girlz musicians

News filtering in revealed that controversial actor, Muna Obiekwe is a baby daddy.
Insiders whisper that his spitting image daughter was birthed by Treasure Daniels (one of the shocking look alike twin of the Gholden Girlz fame) who recently meandered into music.
According to the sources, there is no way you will see the daughter and doubt that it is Muna’s child. Treasure and Muna were a hot item in Nollywood when the baby mama tried her hand at acting. However, the pair broke up due to pressure from two other actresses who holed the actor in night clubs and fed him booze and what comes after that.
Muna is yet to see his love child. In fact, he doesn’t even know she exists and Treasure has been hiding her. If you see both ladies you may not know which one is the baby mama, except that you can tell them apart by their boobs as one is bigger and the bigger boobs is the baby mama.
Even the little girl calls both ladies mummy.

Robbers Broke Into Mama Cass Home And Carts Away 850million Naira.

Gist has it that Charis Onabowale respected owner of popular eatery Mama Cass was robbed on Monday, October 17th, 2011 at her residence somewhere in Magodo Estate, Phase1, Ikosi, Lagos.

We learnt the hoodlums broke into her apartment at about 6:15pm and carted away N850 million brought to her by her business associates, jewelries and other valuables.

During the raid which lasted several hours, residents of the Estate were thrown into confusion and shock, as they could not be helped by any security operatives....

According to sources, the armed robbers numbered over 50 came with luxurious bus, overpowered and held security guards in the estate hostage.

We learnt the robbers didn’t hurt her but only took away her valuables.

It still remains a mystery to this day how the robber broke into the Estate considering the fact that an unregistered vehicle without the proper identification can be difficult if not impossible gain entrance into the Estate.......besides shaaa oooo what is she doing with N850 million at home....

Culled from naijagossiplevel

NNPC/CHEVRON 2011/2012 National University Scholarship Award

Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students.

E-applications are invited from full-time SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) degree students of the under-listed courses, in Nigerian Universities:
1. Accountancy
2. Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science
3. Architecture
4. Business Administration/Economics
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Civil Engineering
7. Computer Science
8. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
9. Environmental Studies/Surveying
10. Geology/Geophysics
11. Law
12. Mass Communication/Journalism
13. Mechanical/Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
14. Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy
15. Petroleum Engineering


Pictures Of The 18 Mr Nigeria Contestants.

Here you go Ladies, we have the pictures of the 18m contestants for Mr Nigeria 201......My favourite is contestants No 3 cos his my friend....anyways feed your eyes....

Contestant 1: Joseph Oluwadamilare Agossa; 200level Computer science student of Lead City University; 6ft 3

Continue to see 17 other contestants.

Picture Of The Building That Caved In At Maryland Lagos Yesterday.

This Building caved in at NO. 11 IKORODU ROAD,MARYLAND, LAGOS yesterday evening..Below is the building before the incident..

Tonto Dike's New Tattoo: What Do You Make Of This.

I really don't know what to make of this tattoo. Besides she already has about 50 something tattoos all over her body and this the latest addition....What do you think of the drawing????

I  learnt this kind of tattoo takes about 12hours to be completed and costs at least two thousand dollars meanwhile she is currently in America filming her remaining scenes of the damage trilogy so i guess probably thats where she had the tattoo drawn......

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Model Spoils Herself With BMW Convertible Car

When you have worked hard for your money and you want to spoil yourself on your birthday what do you do? You get yourself that special gift and that is exactly what Ishioma Onyebo did when she got herself a BMW Z4 convertible car on her birthday.

The face of Africa 2006 Nigerian representative is currently signed on to Fusion Model Agency in Cape Town, South Africa

Passenger stabbed to death over N20 balance

COMMERCIAL activities at the popular Iyana-Ipaja, under Alimosho Local Council Development Area of Lagos State were disrupted, Monday, following the screeching of tyres of a mini bus, with the bus driver jumping out almost immediately.
People were stunned when the driver pounced on one of the passengers and held him, demanding for his money. The argument, as gathered, degenerated into a fight and the driver’s next move sent shock waves around the area as he allegedly brought out a jack knife and stabbed the passenger on the rib.
The development sparked off a protest as some youths sprang out from nowhere wanting to lynch the driver. But they all withdrew as the driver reportedly brought out his identity card which revealed him as a mobile police man. He immediately, sped off leaving the injured victim later identified as Ademayeloye Abiodun in the pool of his blood.

Pastor rapes 12-yr-old chorister

Sapele-Police in Edo State have arrested a pastor who allegedly raped a 12-year-old choir member of his church at Afuda in Uromi, Esan North-East Local Government Area of the state.
Some residents of the area, who were infuriated by the incident, have destroyed some church equipment, while the pastor was detained at the Uromi Police Divisional headquarters and is undergoing interrogation.

Ice Prince Buys A Ranger Rover Sport

Everyone is balling, trying to outclass the other...thats good...He now joins the likes of MI, Ini Edo and Chike Ike who also drives the wonder on wheels.



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