Saturday, 7 December 2013

Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His WIFE'S Handbag CLOSET . .. And She Has $1 MILLION Worth Of Hermes Bags Inside!

Floyd posted the picture on his Instagram page with the word ''F**k with me you know I got it #hermes #birkin''

Ladies, those are NOT YOUR AVERAGE Hermes Birkin bags - each one is special, whether it's SOLID COLD CLASPS, or Crocodile skin. Not one of those are the regular run-of-the mill $20K bags.

We're told that a few of the bags cost close to $100K themselves.

Anyways - retail value of just Mrs Jackson-Mayweather's Hermes bags (she has Gucci, Louis, Prada and Valentino also) are in excess of $1 MILLION

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