OMG Have You Seen What They Did To This Woman For Stealing Pepper?

Monday, December 09, 2013

This gruesome and annonying video shows a mob inserting broken bottles and other objects into a female's genitalia over alleged stealing of pepper. I am shocked that some stupid people in this country would strip a woman naked, beat her and put pepper inside her vagina just because she was alleged to have stolen some pepper. It is just too disgusting for me to imagine that people still behave like this and go free with no prosecution.

The first public showcase of the horrible incident was made on saturday at a book launch in Lagos. The showcase was made by Dr. Joe Odumakin who was reviewing the book; Human Rights on Gender, Sex And The Law in Nigeria. The book is authored by Yinka Olomojobi, a lecturer at the Babcock University.

Participants were shocked and reacted angrily during the preview of the video, which has already gone viral. They also condemned the impunity that characterizes public officials pilfering of Nigeria's commonwealth in their billions as poor citizens finding ways of surviving get brutally mobbed....Peep the video when you continue......***Viewers Discretion is Strongly Advised***


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  1. Kanyinulia.....pls ill like to follow this story. I've not been myself after seeing dis video. If I could, ill use all my resources to bring doz devils to justice....what pains me is dat our system is bad, and I'm sure they'll let dis pass. I pray doz ladies recover from dis shock

    1. ill like to know all your resources Kess like dis d worse thing uve seen online; just hope and pray u dont get on d wrong side of evil 1s; pple have been lynched for looking strange in badagry, an 11 yr old boy has been lynched for allegedly trying to kidnap a baby still in lagos; this beating is child's play compared to the evil going arnd d world.

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