'You can keep the iPhone… so long as I get a date!' Victim forgives thief Who Stole His Phone When He Sees Her Photos

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Too cute to report? Matsumoto Hiroki texted the new owner of his iPhone to ask her out rather than catch herToo cute to report? Matsumoto Hiroki texted the new owner of his iPhone to ask her out rather than catch her

A besotted victim who tracked his phone thief using an app has forgiven her – because she is incredibly good looking. Matsumoto Hiroki lost his iPhone on holiday in Bangkok. Forced to return to Japan, he invested in a new 5C, and took to iCloud to trace his account. His photostream is now cluttered with selfies of a young, cute Thai girl dating back to December 29, when the phone went missing.

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Single Mr Hiroki, sharing the development on Twitter on January 10, wrote: ‘Her pictures are really cute, so I’m not sure how to handle this.’

He added: ‘She’s so cute, I want to tell her “You can keep the iPhone as long as we can be friends!”‘

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Followers replied encouraging him to send her a message.

However, yesterday, after Mr Hiroki finally closed his iPhone account, he tweeted a screenshot of a text from the girl: ‘Nice to meet you!’

Lol, this can never happen in Naija…The girl sef will be thinking they want to burn her alive..Meanwhile i think they deserve each other –  A thief and a horny creep – What do you think?

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