Father Sentenced To 18 Years For Beating 2 Year Old Daughter To Death Cos He Hoped To Make Her A Lesbian

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Donovan Haynes

A 23 year old father Donovan Lamar Haynes has been sentenced to a minimum of 18 years and nine months in prison for beating his two-year-old daughter to death in an attack he had hoped would make her a lesbian so she could avoid men

A pre-sentence investigation report claimed Haynes had beat the girl to turn her gay in hope that she would avoid men like him, who had a history of treating women poorly, Mlive reported.

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Haynes’ attorney Elbert Hatchett called him ‘deranged’ before Genesee Circuit Judge Joseph J. Farah sentenced him to serve a concurrent five-to-15-years in prison for first-degree child abuse.

‘You don’t beat her in hopes she’s going to turn gay, you should have used your own experiences to teach your daughter how to deal with aggressive men.

‘This case is a case that defies reason, logic, common sense, [It’s a] tragedy to see the life of an innocent child snuffed out for no reason at all.’

His daughter’s picture when you continue…

 The attorney added that Haynes needs to undergo psychological counseling while in prison.

Killed: Two-year-old Ti'Airra Woodward was covered in bite marks when she was found unresponsive in 2011
Haynes bit and beat Ti’Airra in July 2011 and she was found unresponsive in the basement of Haynes’ mother’s Flint Township home.
The little girl was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center. Authorities initially said that it appeared she had died from a blunt force trauma to the abdomen and the medical examiner’s report said the toddler died of internal bleeding from a lacerated liver. 
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